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Hello, hello! We’re here!

So it’s finally time to build my own website. I’ve been so busy with client sites and projects since the launch of my business, I haven’t had the time to design an online home of my own. The other day I was feeling super in-the-zoney and decided to tackle my logo (something I’ve been struggling with for what seems like months now – of course I knock out client designs like it’s no big thang but I can’t design my own for, like, half a year). Once I finalized my logo, everything else just kind of fell into place.

The site itself came together in about a week or so. I’ve been so anxious to launch, but the perfectionist in me isn’t down with the premature greenlight. But now we’re here. She’s all done. Kind of a stunner, right?

To address the question that I’ve answered a million times and will probably answer millions more, the name “Butter Sites” didn’t really come from anything. I was looking for a completely random name. Something that had absolutely nothing to do with the industry I work within. I wanted to build my brand around an arbitrary word. Why? Because it’s freaking fun! And it works. And it’s weird. And it’s awesome.

Sweet and smooth... just like butter.

I mean, come on. That tag line? Get outta here.

In all seriousness… I have had so much fun building this brand. In the 5 months of owning my own business, I have gotten to work with the most phenomenal clients, learned so much and exchanged incredible advice and experiences. For the past five years of my life I worked as a sports reporter. While I could never complain about the amazing opportunities I was given in that field, I was ready for a new challenge. So I taught myself how to code and develop websites, learned the industry from the outside-in, and became my own boss.

Has it been easy? Heck. NO. Coding is hard, yall. But the experience has been invaluable and oh, so worth it. Welcome to Butter Sites, I’m so glad yall are here.

: )